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The Spinal Flow Technique is a gentle non-invasive treatment that works directly with the spine to heal the nervous system. 

How Does it Work?

Spinal Flow deals directly with the 'root' cause of all pain, illness & disease. 

There are three types of stressors: 

Chemical, emotional & physical, that if the body cannot process, it will store as a blockage in the spine. 

Blockages stored in the spine are actually a protective mechanism created by your body to help you survive by looking after your nervous system. So it creates a hard like shell over the spine. With this being said, when there is a blockage, the brain can't send vital information to the rest of the body, as the pathway is quite literally 'blocked.' Therefore it results in the body working in seperate parts. 

By working with access points, the places and areas, that have no blockages, on the Cranium and the saccrum/ coccyx area, it releases stress from the nervous system, removing the emotional, chemical, and physical layers that have accumulated over the years through micro &/or macro traumas. 

When working with access points, it sends messages directly to the brain and it starts to find, release and eliminate blockages in your body. The aim is to have a free flowing energy pathway without blockages!

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Meet Yelena Sulenta, our Spinal Flow Practitioner here at MOONBOXNZ.

With her professional and gentle approach she provides a safe zone to facilitate healing to occur. 

Client Testimonals

Green Leaves

"I was curious about unlocking emotional things. Yelena found a heart blockage and spent some time there. I have been feeling very tired since my session with other subtle changes related to the findings. I would 100% recommend Yelena. She makes you feel at ease. She is compassionate & clearly knows the Spinal Flow Technique well. During the session my body felt very relaxed & safe." 

                 ~Noelle B.

"Yelena came with a calm energy which put me at ease from the beginning. She knew how to look after me and was very clear about what was going to happen to have things reconnect. I had walked in with a sore, stiff neck and after my session ended, the pain wasn't there anymore. I was able to move my neck without any pain, which is incredible."

                   ~Vanessa L.

Green Leaves

"My motivation for Spinal Flow was to help relieve my stress levels and to help with overall body stiffness. My body felt tired, sore and my mood was quiet low at the start of the session. By the end, my mood felt amazing. I felt really uplifted and happy, and my body felt lighter and more flexible. I definitely noticed a vast improvement."
                     ~Robyn C.

"I have been wanting to create alignment within my nervous system. I've suffered with anxiety and living in fight or flight for a very long time, and I was ready to receive and move out of this way of being. During my session, I went into a deeply restful state and I felt my body twitching. I was very blissful.
The environment, the service and the welcoming energy felt safe and I would highly recommend Yelena to others. I am now feeling an inner calm and a clearer vision. "

                      ~Alana B.

Green Leaves

"Prior to Spinal Flow, I was experiencing a sore lower back and I was curious to see if some sessions could help with the pain. Yelena was very informative in the assessment, and I learnt that my pain was from a blockage she found in the Foundation Gateway. I have had 8 sessions now and during the sessions my body feels very relaxed and I feel some twitching. I have been really enjoying my sessions with Yelena and they have significantly eased my back pain. I was pleasantly surprised after the 1st session how much change occurred, as I have been struggling with other recovery methods."

                      ~Petra L.

"Yelena told me what I might feel in my body and explained before we started that the healing will go where it is needed. I felt warm, tingly, and relaxed during the treatment, so much so, I fell asleep.
I really like the way Yelena explained everything carefully to me and made sure I felt comfortable. She is very kind and gentle. I feel like some of the tightness I was experiencing, was reduced and I was less sore in my neck afterwards." 

                    ~Alexia T.

Green Leaves

"During my assessment, I had not disclosed the stomach issues I had been experiencing. It was amazing that Yelena was able to feel that with her hands- without me saying anything. She said that she could feel that there was heat and inflammation in that area and therefore there was blockage in my Power Gateway. Though I didn't feel much during the session, Yelena expressed that she would be working with access points along my body and working directly with the nervous system. She made me feel comfortable and at ease. I will continue seeing Yelena with my Mum and brother for more sessions."

                      ~Lea M.

I had been feeling unusually emotional and the treatment settled down my emotions. Physically, I felt more energy flowing up from the lower back and buttocks/back of legs- I actually thought it was Yelena with her hand there, but she was not! 
I also felt extremely relaxed, grounded and safe once the session started. I look forward to having more sessions with Yelena!

                         ~Nessta J.

"Assessment findings were really helpful in understanding what is going on my body and why I could feel energy moving in certain places. After treatment around my coccyx, I could feel energy running down my legs, into my feet and I could also feel my jaw relaxing. I feel like I benefited from this session by having a greater understanding of the holistic aspect of pain in my body. I could see how treatment in certain parts of my spine could affect any part of my body and this was really helpful in understanding how my ankles were feeling better even though she hadn't touched them. 
Yelena is a natural healer. She works intuitively and gently on the spine. I would love continue having sessions with her so that I can see the full benefit of this amazing work as I could see even after one session, my overall pain was majorly reduced."

                    ~Melina M.

Yelena is a wonderful Spinal Flow Facilitator- She is very informative and friendly. She made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Before I started Spinal Flow I was unable to fall pregnant, I am now pregnant! I feel very confident in her work.

                           ~Krystal W.

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