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Live Sale Information

The live sale is a great place to adopt crystals that are not yet on the website and experience their energy up close and personal.


The live sales are always a fun, inclusive safe space, to learn about crystals and come and hang out for a bit! 

I look forward to connecting with you! x

How a Live Sale Works

At the specified time, click on the MOONBOXNZ Instagram 'Story' to participate.

I cannot hear or see you, but you can hear and see my screen, so the best way to communicate and claim crystals is via the comment section. 

Please be mindful that there is often a lag with the live stream so it will take a few moments before I see your comments on my screen. 


After the Live Sale

Once the Live Sale is finished I will upload a picture of your order under your name onto the website the next day by midday. Eg. So if the live sale is on Wednesday night, your order will be up on the website by Thursday 12pm. 

From there, you will have 24hrs to make your purchase through the website. Eg. So following the last example, if your order is up by Thursday 12pm, you will have until Friday 12pm to complete purchase. 

(Please only choose crystals that you want to 100% adopt during the live sale).

Your little treasures will then be cleansed, and  hand gift wrapped ready for Courier Collection! x


A Testimonial from Kirsten


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