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How to Raise the Vibe in your Home...

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

You will never truly understand the impact and influence that you actually have in the world. A great example of this is when you think of the ripple effect in a body of water from a single droplet. The moment the droplet hits the water, is the same moment that a field of energy is exerted outwards with great magnitude for an extended period of time. So if we imagine ourselves as this droplet, we can only slightly begin to understand the true essence of our power and how we may influence or leave an impression on someones soul.

The same goes for other people. Sometimes we forget or are unaware of the dynamic energy or imprint that others energy can leave on us -good or bad. The more I experience this world, the more sensitive I become to recognizing different energies. I have learnt that like anything thing in life there must be polar opposites; yin & yang, positive and negative charges, for anything to exist. When faced with those heavier energies I reflect back on whether it was something hidden in the subconscious that needed healing and has surfaced, or whether it belonged to someone else. Through this mindfulness practice, it helps me to develop an awareness of myself or what others may be experiencing through the lens of love, understanding, and compassion.

Once this is established, I like to use the resources and rituals that have been discovered as a way to help increase my vibration, remove any unwanted energy, and set an intention of protection. Visualization is key during all of these processes as the mind holds the power to helping us to create what ever we want to manifest in the physical. There is no right or wrong way to do these, so please don't worry if you are doing them right, these are just a few tips that I have found helpful. Follow what feels right for you as that is what is most important!

1) Open windows: Let that fresh air in and clean your space- I cannot stress enough how important it is to allow stagnant energy to flow and move out from the corners of your house. Visualize the unwanted energy leaving your space, while inviting higher vibrations in. Remember that you are never alone, whatever higher power you may believe in. There is always a network of angels, guardians etc working with you towards your highest good.

2) Burn incense, white sage, palo santo, or cinnamon sticks- Aromatherapy is another highly recommended ritual, traditionally used to help gain spiritual protection from the higher realms, bringing clarity of mind, and purification.

3) Move your body- release anything that no longer serves you whether that is simply though being present in your breathing, stretching, walking, exercise, or dancing. It is especially important to remember that when we are experiencing these lower states, it can be difficult to want to do any of these. Be gentle on yourself, and do things slowly, deliberately, and with purpose. Small steps with one foot in front of another is the best mindset to have.

4) Meditate- If you are new to meditating I would recommend finding a guided meditation on Youtube where they talk you through the process. When there is heart and mind connection, you are able to gain many benefits that improve mental, emotional and physical aspects. When you connect with your higher self, you can feel more aligned and in tune with who you are and even 10 minutes a day can hugely benefit you!

5) Epsom Salt Bath- An epsom salt bath with some essential oils and crystals will cleanse your chakras, revitalize your aura, and leave your feeling more rejuvenated as toxins leave your body, mind and spirit. Feel free to add some music, incense, or candles during this time and focus on whatever your intention may be ( protection, removing negativity, or increasing your vibe etc).

6) Shower visualization- This is a daily ritual that I practice consistently and is very easy! Visualize anything that is no longer serving you or does not belong to you, washing off into a brown puddle at your feet. This could be self-limiting belief patterns, other people's beliefs on who you should be, anxiety, stress, just to name a few. Wash it all away and once this is done, imagine all of the pure love, joy, peace, purity and positive emotions filling you up, to build you up. I like to speak words of affirmations during this little self care ritual such as; "I am healthy, I am intelligent, I am powerful, I am gentle, I am kind."

Have you ever thought about why sometimes when you shower, you may remember things or have little epiphanies? This is because water has the power to give your energetic field a cleanse and a fresh slate!

7) Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits- Cleanses, deodorizes, and purifies the air. Alleviates coughing and other symptoms of the common cold. It also helps to boost blood flow and raise energy levels while sharpening concentration and enhancing mood. It is advised to leave this on for at least 1 hour per day but feel free to leave it on for longer.

8) Crystals- Everything in our Universe is constantly moving and vibrating. Even stationary objects have a frequency at which they vibrate at, measured in Hz. Humans have an unstable frequency due to being easily influenced by external factors such as: Good new, bad news, other people, traffic, weather etc. Crystals on the other hand have an extremely consistent frequency and the more consistent the energy, the more it has the ability to influence the energies around it!

Black Tourmaline- Used as an all round protector which repels lower energies and creates a protective aura shield.

Amethyst- This crystal is known as a Master Healer as it carries high spiritual vibrations, guarding against psychic attack. It is also a crystal that is able to transmute negative energy to positive, relieving stress, anger, anxiety and balances emotions.

Labradorite- A powerful crystal that shields like an amour and protects against other people's energies. It also is known for strengthening the aura and increasing determination, motivation, and attention.

Angel Aura- Carries an extremely high vibration, one of the highest as it has a direct correlation to the 'Angelic Realm.' This magical crystal provides uplifting and increased positive emotions and is the perfect crystal to help anyone who may feel emotionally unstable.

Rose Quartz-Helps with opening the heart chakra and encouraging unconditional love whether that be for yourself, your space, or for others. For example: Self love, forgiveness, compassion etc.

9) Reach out to people who can support you through this time- Whether that is a family member, friend, or even a Healer. There are many different types of Healers- be sure to find someone who has a good reputation or is recommended by someone you know. Having someone to confide in can be beneficial as it can allow us to process how or what we are experiencing.

Sending you lots of love, Lena xo

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